The BEST track’s of 2013... (so far)

Heard ‘round the World!

My favorite tracks of 2013... (so far)

2nd Anniversary Show!
Debut records,

Solo records,

Rockin’ Irish teenagers,

A Living Legend returns,



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“Blue Collar Jane”

by The Strypes

A cool rockin’ gang of Irish teenagers. From their debut, BLUE COLLAR JANE EP.

“Don’t Swallow The Cap”

by The National

The indie band from Cincinnati Ohio’s sixth Long Player, TROUBLE WILL FIND ME.

“The Right Thing Right”

by Johnny Marr

After many side projects, guest appearances, and numerous bands (Electronic, The The, Modest Mouse, etc.), the legendary Smiths’ guitarist’s first “solo” Long Player, THE MESSENGER

“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

by David Bowie

Thought to have retired, Bowie’s twenty-forth Long Player, THE NEXT DAY was recorded in absolute secrecy, the great DB is back!

“Heart Attack”

by The Beautiful Chains

The debut single from the Australian Americana band.

“Smart Phone”

by The Bayonetes

The new band fronted by Brian Ray (Paul McCartney Band), and Oliver Leiber. The second in their series of singles being  released though out the year.


by Lucy Schwartz

Los Angeles singer-songwriter. Ms. Schwartz music has been featured in many TV and film soundtracks.

“The Same Old Ground”

by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

The band formed with actual brothers and sisters. From their debut Long Player, NOBODY DANCES IN THIS TOWN


by Chuchill

The band from Denver CO. From The War Within EP.

“Second Bite of The Apple”

by Beady Eyes

Liam Gallagher and the ex-Oasis boys second Long Player, BE.

“Better Days (radio edit)”

by Edward Sharpe

The rag-tag band of misfits. From their new self titled Long Player.


by Bastille

New band out of London and a huge hit already all over Europe.  From their debut Long Player, BAD BLOOD.


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“A New Life (single edit)”

by Jim James

The My Morning Jacket main man’s first solo Long Player, REGIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND OF GOD

“Song For Zulu”

by Phosphorescent

Singer-songwriter Matthew Houck. Originally from Alabama,

via Athens GA and now of Brooklyn, NY. From his sixth Long Player, MUCHACHO.

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